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    FUSE Shell command batch scripts?

    Oren Livne Novice

      Dear all,


      Is it possible to run a text file containing a set of FUSE ESB shell commands? That is, I would like to use the shell like a linux shell and create my command batches. For example, that shell command could be "batch ".


      Thanks in advance.

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          Dave Stanley Novice

          Hi Oren,

          You can use the 'source' command to execute a list of commands, for example:


          1) Create a file called cmd.txt in your source cmd.txt


          // You should see an osgi/list command execute.


          (I tested with




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            Greg Lucas Newbie

            One thing to be aware of (depending on what you want to script): installing a feature or component can take a bit of time and it happens asynchronously to  script processing. For example a script to install the JBI feature and then a JBI component:


            features/install jbi

            osgi/install -s


            might fail if it executes the osgi/install before support for JBI components has become available. You may want to break up scripts or add some sleeps if you have this sort of dependency between commands.