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    WSDL Address location is not changed dynamically

    Dinesh Reddy Newbie

      Hi Forum,


      I have a created a BottomUP (java2ws) Webservice and deployed the same in the FUSE ESB 3.4 server. Webservice is working fine, when I run from my machine. But when I tried to invoke the webservice from other machine, I got some errors. Wehn I looked into the WSDL, I found the WSDL Address is not being changed dynamically.


      When I browse for the WSDL with the url of "http://localhost:8192/ConversionService?wsdl" I got a WSDL in which the Address location is always pointing to "http://localhost:8192/ConversionService". I was expecting this should be modified to "http://mysystem:8192/ConversionService" dynamically. how can I achieve this?