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    Ignoring bundle as it's Spring incompatible with Spring-DM...

    Peter Chandler Master

      Help, not sure how to fix this error below? Seems like my bundle's Spring version is incompatible with the Spring DM version in ServiceMix


      If I am going to use Spring (ex. org.springframework.beans, org.springframework.security, org.springframework.transaction, org.springframework.ldap)  in the CamelContext.xml how to I make sure the versions are compatible? How do I make sure I use the same Spring versions at compile and runtime? Is there a way to get more information? as the Spring versions and classes being check? Is there a special "Spring-DM" bundle repository for Fuse


      org.springframework.osgi.extender.internal.activator.checkCompatibility(Bundle bundle)

      53          Returns the type compatibility between the given bundle and the Spring

      54          types used by the current version of Spring-DM. If the given bundle does

      55          not import Spring, then true is returned (the bundle is considered

      56          compatible).


      15:19:54,194 | INFO  | localShell       | ultOsgiApplicationContextCreator | ultOsgiApplicationContextCreator   67 | Discovered configurations in bundle

      15:19:54,195 | DEBUG | localShell       | ContextLoaderListener            | .activator.ContextLoaderListener  739 | Ignoring bundle http://MY Bundle (my.package) as it's Spring incompatible with Spring-DM...

      15:19:54,196 | DEBUG | localShell       | CommandLineExecutorImpl          | om.shell.CommandLineExecutorImpl  129 | Command completed with result: ValueResult{ value=SUCCESS, failure=<null>, notification=<null> }, after: 0:00:00.005