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    SVN repos for Fuse-ESB-  BC???

    RTP Techie Newbie


      I’m new to Fuse-ESB and downloaded the latest version Played with it for sometime and managed to understand what SA, SU, Binding Components, and Service Engines are a bit…

      Also, played with few examples and the understand as how it works…

      I’m looking into next steps as try to understand how to build a Binding-Component which can be deployed in the 4.1 env. But when I download the source for 4.1, but seems to me that it only contains the source code for core not the binding components… When it compiles, it just pulls the binaries of the BCs out.

      Then, I looked into here http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/servicemix/smx4

      Also found the components under here: http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/servicemix/components/bindings

      But when I build one of them, looks like the components are setup and packaged to work under 3.x serviceMix only.

      Since I start fresh and want working on 4.1, I don’t want to go back 3.x. The easiest way for me to learn is to “learn by example”

      Is there any info as how to package the BC found under the link above to load in 4.1 env?

      Or is there a svn repo out there for 4.1 including all the components?

      Thank in advance for your help!!


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          Chris Custine Newbie

          The components work with either ServiceMix 3 or 4, so the component sources will only be pointing to a single version to fulfill the API for compilation.  We generally keep these pointing at ServiceMix 3 as a least common denominator so there is no need to worry about the SMX 3 dependencies you see.  Likewise, the binaries in an SA should also work across SMX 3 or 4 versions.  You can either point to trunk for each component or you can find the released code under the tags directory.



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            RTP Techie Newbie



            Thanks for the info.   As you can tell, I'm new to SMX.



            Can you point me to where I can get more info as how to develop my own Binding Component?  I'm interested in to as this.





            Also I compiled one of the components (servicemix-http), how to deploy it? 



            I simply copied it into the hot deploy directory, it does not work and telling me that



            "Requirements not met for JBI artifact in bundle null (servicemix-http). Installation pending. org.apache.servicemix.jbi.dep."



            So how to deploy it in SMX4?

            Is it via the "ect/org.apache.servicemix.features.cfg" the only way?



            Then, is there any script to "install" the component into the run-time?




            Thanks again,






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              RTP Techie Newbie

              Ok, figured that out... It is just that I'm too new to SMX

              I was using *.installer.zip file to deploy before and it gives me problem.


              Then, I switch to drop in *.jar into deploy dir, then thing starts to work.



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                Chris Custine Newbie

                Glad you got that figured out.  Also, probably the best way to learn about developing a binding component is to look at the source for some of the more simple ServiceMix components such as servicemix-file, servicemix-http, etc.