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    Fuse doesn't work in remote debug mode

    vector_jdev.work Newbie

      The last version of FUSE doesn't work in debug mode.

      I set up SERVICEMIX_DEBUG=TRUE env var. Then launch the fuse and have  the error like the one described here  http://fusesource.com/issues/browse/ESB-759 , but insted of failing on exit the fuse fails on launch.

      This error is stable (every time I try to set up SERVICEMIX_DEBUG=TRUE it fails). I tryied on several PCs and UNIX - the same behaviour. That is very sad - we can not run fuse to debug our programs with debugger.


      Can somebody update the bug to include that the fuse fails on start with SERVICEMIX_DEBUG=TRUE? Can somebody comment this, because actually it sometimes block our dev process.