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    OSS Development Platform based on SOA

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      First I will give introduction to my current research and then I need to ask certain question related to usage of SOA by OSS Supporting Organizations.


      My research work is related to yet untouched topic in both OSS and SOA. We are analyzing OSS Governance from some major OSS organizations like Linux Foundation, apache , Gnome. Based on this governance process analysis (taking place within OSSD) We intend to propose an generic SOA which enables and coordinates Open Source Software Development.


      At Primary stage we intend to evaluate basic applications like Compliers, SCM, Packaging, and even forums, which enable  development of OSS from different perspectives like design, implementation, testing and deployment.


      We are interested in having community opinion on our research, since this community is related to SOA,


      1) Are FUSE  tools (or any other OSS SOA tools)  analyzed to support simply Open Source Software

          Development (not any other industries) ?


      2) Are there any OSS Organization which use Fuse for such a purpose?


      3) How can OSS organisations benefit from adopting SOA ?


      4) Or do you think SOA is not really needed for future of OSS Development?


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