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    New Open Source Project based on FUSE


      Hello Community,


      I want to announce our launch of OTOSS an Open Source Project for the travel industry. The current solution is partially based on specifications of the OTA (Open Travel Alliance, www.opentravel.org) which defines standardized WSDL schemas for B2B processes for the travel industry. We started to develop the first solution in 2005 for the german market. As we are using already Apache CXF, Maven 2, etc. in the current solution we would like to participate now on the other innovations FUSE got to offer, especially the OSGi capabilities and FUSE ESB, etc.


      We are now looking for contributors to help us moving the current solution onto FUSE ESB including an extensible framework following best practises in software development for the travel industry.


      Any help is highly appreciated. Please have a look on www.filekeys.com.





      P.S.: The source code is still locked, but will be set free soon!!!