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    AMS Monitoring of FuseMQ

    dorothy taylor Apprentice



      I am using Fuse MQ I am trying to monitor it using SprinSource AMS tool. AMS always shows that the version of ActiveMQ is 4.0. Please suggest why this is so.


      If this is in error, then do we need any activemq instrumented jars for monitoring the fusemq? If yes, then where can these be downloaded from?



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          Hadrian Zbarcea Newbie

          Spring AMS is actually a slightly modified version of Hyperic HQ EE.


          HQ (both Community and Enterprise Editions) use Plugins to monitor a particular technology.  Some of the plugins are actually contributed and maintained by the community (see http://www.hyperic.com/products/monitoring-plugin-resources.html).  HQ does ship with an old plugin for Apache ActiveMQ 4.x that uses some criteria to identify a running AMQ 4.x broker.  Those criteria also happen to match a AMQ 5.x broker as well.  That and the fact that FUSE MB is based on ActiveMQ, makes plugin believe it's dealing with a AMQ 4.0 broker.


          I did not test, but afaik there are no significant changes in the JMX naming conventions used by AMQ between 4.x and 5.x, so the old plugin should do a fairly decent job.

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            dorothy taylor Apprentice



            thanks for this useful information. I now understand why I always see ActiveMQ 4.0 even though I am using Fuse MQ


            But as you said the plugins come along with AMS, then why is my queue not showing any metric data. I get the name of my queue as well, but it says '0.0% Availability'. Is this because I am using the Evaluation Version of AMS?