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    Tips on Maintaining Uptime with MySQL Persistance

    Michael Caplan Newbie

      Hi there,


      I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on configuring the Fuse MB to not shut itself down if MySQL goes down temporarily.  For example, if I restart MySQL, the Fuse MB shuts down.  Is there a way to configure the MB to rebuild its connection over a period of time before bringing the service down?





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          Giovani Seben Newbie



          The broker shuts itself down because it needs a persistency store. Without one it cannot guarantee message delivery for incoming traffic while the database is down. Currently, I don't think that the design allows for a broker to continue running without a storage.


          If you would like the broker to automatically start again automatically you could wrap the broker service in a POJO where you use Spring to instantiate the broker service. In a loop you test the state of the broker, if it shuts down you poll the database until it's up again, at which point you can start the broker service again.