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    Catch exception in camel producer endpoint

    parasmk Newbie



      I posted a question in regards to the error/exception handling in Camel producer endpoint (eg. FTP) on nabble which haven't got answered yet ( http://www.nabble.com/catch-error-in-producer-endpoint-td25748604.html ).


      I need to transfer files from a FTP server to a local directory and know if the server is down and if so retry every 10 minutes. Maybe smeone of you can hint me if  there is any standard method in Camel to catch exceptions from the producer?  I have tried

      Camel doTry/doCatch, but it catches exceptions when the message is inside the exchange, i.e. after the from() in DSL:


      from("ftp:// ...").to("file:// ...")


      Thanks a lot in advance.


      Any help is greatly appreciated, thx, Paras.<!Session data>