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    Service Units and Assemblies

    sriram_imshriram Novice

      Hi All,

      I have few basic questions on service units and service assemblies. Since I am new to FUSE and Maven, I am not sure if this is right place to pose this question.


      Is there any documentation about Service Assembly and Service Unit that explains me how to create my own code thats just like a third party jar to all my Service Assemblies? (Is it possible in the first place?)

      (Currently i have a sample application built and I have some code in the routes and Processor that are repeated. I want to move them to a common place. But these are to used across service assemblies.)



      while using routes, i observed that few routes do need a


      and few of them get terminated with jus a ; in the last statement.

      What is the rule that is driving this behavior?