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    How to config multi message broker ?

    polar chen Newbie

      Hi All,

         I try to use 6 servers with 6 messages brokers to connect them together.But I find one problem. When I send the topic messages to one of the brokers and use three consumers to receive the messages from the different servers, each consumer receive the multiple number of messages(not the same). It's strange.

         Does anyone have the same situation ?



         Note: I can let 4 servers to connect together and work well.

                  The below message is one part of my configuration file.



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          Giovani Seben Newbie



          Are all the config files the same? What is the delivery and ack mode for these messages?

          My guess is that the duplicate messages on the consumers are due to re-deliveries. For the 6 brokers could you try a config such as:

          <networkConnector uri="static://(tcp://"