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    How to send message to bus in class under CX -SE  service unit ?

    jc Souvignet Newbie



      I use Fuse ESB


      I try to send messsage to servicemix bus under web service implementation packaged in CXF-SE service unit.


      I try to use ServiceMixClient as explained in service mix client API but without sucsess:



      When I use ClientFactory factory = (ClientFactory) new InitialContext().lookup(ClientFactory.DEFAULT_JNDI_NAME);

      lookup failed with :

      javax.naming.NotContextException: java:comp/env/jbi/ClientFactory


      When i try Remote service : 

      ServiceMixClient smxClient = new RemoteServiceMixClient("tcp://localhost:61616");

      an error is send in creationInOnlyMessage()



      Does it possible to send message directly to servicemix Bus ?


      thanks in advence