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    Getting messages from external MSMQ queues from FID

    Lekan Omotayo Expert

      There is no provision on FID to connect 2 multiple Messaging Queues e.g. if u wanna listen to multiple queues on different systems for messages?


      Also, I'd like if there will be a special requirement to listen for messages on a MSMQ queue.


      How can you create such in d FID?



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          Dinesh Reddy Newbie

          Using FID, you can connect to multiple messaging queues and can listen for the messages. You can achieve this by configuring two brokers in the servers view, each listening to a broker on any machines. Then you can create messaging project and deploy it in the respective brokers in the server view. Under the messaging project you can create as many as listeners and can start reading the messages.


          For more information look into the documentation provided under

          FUSE? Integration Designer User Guide -> FUSE Messaging Tool.


          Right now, using FID, you can connect to FUSE Messaging Broker/Active MQ only.