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    High Availability with FUSE ESB

    Daffy Duck Novice

      Hi there,


      I am currently studying how to deploy FUSE ESB following the "master/slave with shared message store" topology.


      I can see that ActiveMQ behaves correctly (the slave ESB waits for getting the lock on the ActiveMQ message store used by the master ESB) but camel routes esposed by my bundles are still deployed and run. This is a bit annoying since the bundles on the slave ESB manage to connect on the ActiveMQ queues (thus getting messages and processing them whereas the slave bundles should be on hold). I expect the slave ESB camel routes to not be started until the lock is acquired (i.e. the master ESB fails and the slave becomes the new master).


      So to sum up: ActiveMQ is ok but there is still some work regarding how camel routes (and maybe other stuff) should behave on the slave ESB.


      Can someone in the FUSE team tell me if such a feature is planned in forthcoming FUSE ESB releases?