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    scatter-gather pattern with web services only

    Lyfe Musique Novice

      I'm a newbie trying to implement the scatter-gather patten using web services only.  I say "web services only" because all the examples I've seen implementing this pattern involved a message queue so not sure this can even be done.


      My problem I'm hitting is when I output what's suppose to be gathered.  In a multicast tag, I have two web services being called via jbi endpoints (they are set up as http providers).  I then send the results to my aggregation strategy code.  Finally, I print to the logs what was gathered.  However, instead of outputting a result containing two messages, it only outputs one message.  After a bit of testing, I noticed it only outputs the message from the last service called (based on my server log and order in camel-context.xml file).


      I modified the bridge-camel example that came with servicemix as follow:

      1) in the client and bridge-jms-su code, I did nothing since I don't need it.

      2) in the bridge-http-su code, I added two http providers that take soap messages.

      3) in the bridge-camel-su, I added the source code for my aggregation strategy and I modified the camel-context.xml (to remove references to the jms endpoint and add my own logic).


      new camel-context.xml (unnecessary content hidden for simplicity, hopefully)







      My aggregation stategy follows Torten's (http://tmielke.blogspot.com/2009/01/using-camel-aggregator-correctly.html) since I just want to combine the messages.


      I've tried adding the strategy reference to the multicast tag (with no aggregrate tag) and the aggregate tag, individually, with no desired results.


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