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    Early Acces FID1.3


      Where can I find the FID 1.3 early access download?

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          The early access FID is not generally available, the product is due to be released before the end of the year.

          If you are a FUSE customer please raise a Support Request and we will work through issuing you a copy.





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            If you are an existing FUSE customer I would be happy to add you to the early access program for FUSE Integration Designer.  Please send details of your request directly to me - jmeritt@progress.com so I can help you.



            Jaime Meritt

            FUSE Product Management

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              where would I go to find out what features will be in the next release?

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                We have a few things on the cards...here's some to whet your appetite:


                • Camel 2.0 support for EIP Editor

                • Maven-based builds using archetypes

                • Camel Java DSL editing help -- write the Java, see the diagram appear

                • BPEL Process editing and deployment

                • Plus as many updates and bug fixes as we can get in...


                I'll make more information available as we keep refining and polishing the new stuff!