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    INSERT when deployed?

    John Anderson Newbie

      Imagine this scenario.

      I have a JSP that pulls a list of available "modules" from a table in a database, this JSP and it's corresponding CMP beans are deployed as one .ear. When a new module is deployed as another .ear to the JBoss server it needs to show up in this list of available modules so that it can be activated and configured, etc.

      My question. Is there any way to trigger an "onDeploy()" type event that would insert a row into the table from which the aforementioned JSP pulls it's data? I'm fairly new so I'm not really sure what all the tools in my toolbox do if you know what I mean. If this is not possible are there any alternative methods I could research? If this is possible are there any caveats I need to watch for when accessing beans between seperate .ears?