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    Dustin S. Newbie

      In general, does anyone know if the FUSE ESB (Apache Felix OSGi) has support for issues with OSGi related to Thread Context Class Loader?


      I know Equinox has solved this with setting the TCCL to a "ContextFinder" -- http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Context_Class_Loader_Enhancements


      And Spring DM has solved it with the context-class-loader attribute.


      Does FUSE/Felix have anything that is equivalent?

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          Dustin S. Newbie

          I suppose I will answer my own question after some investigation. It appears that the Spring DM tags are taking effect -- I see the following in stack traces:



          and logging statements


          15:33:55,436 | TRACE | tenderThread-117 | AbstractServiceProxyCreator      | port.AbstractServiceProxyCreator  128 | SERVICE_PROVIDER TCCL used for invoking ServiceReference null={}


          Doesn't seem like it has the effect I was hoping for though.