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    Logisticx Demo

    Beren Erchamion Newbie

      Hi I'm a newbie - I trolled around and couldn't seem to find any links for the download to the logisticx demo for 4.1. I tried to search. I trolled around on repo.fusesource.com/maven2 and eventually found a pom for version 1.2 of the demo.


      Is what I should use? Are there any updated instructions. Any pointers would be appreciated.


      beren erchamion

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          Claus Ibsen Master



          I think new examples are being worked on to replace the one mighty logistic demo. Instead we will have smaller and more easier to setup and run samples than that logistic demo.


          I have no ETA when those demos are out.


          So in terms of the logistic I do think it will be @deprecated and removed once those demos are ready.

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            Beren Erchamion Newbie

            Any advice for the newbie then? Perhaps starting with 3.x instead is better?


            Its not really clear what the schedule is for 3 vs. 4. I would hate to spend a bunch of time learning the 3.x series and then have 4.x become the main release in a few weeks.


            Thanks for your response.



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              Claus Ibsen Master



              Why not see some of the webinars on SMX 4.x and Camel as well.


              also link from menu on top.


              They should help you get started with it and you can just sit back and watch the webinars which is a good hour or so, so there is a lot of good information in these.


              SMX 4.x and Camel 2.x is the next product line.

              And in fact there is quite a difference between SMX 3.x and 4.x as 3.x is pure JBI based. Where as 4.x is OSGi and Camel based. With a legacy support for JBI as well.