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    servicemix architecture to handle translation


      I think I'm in the right forum for my question..I'll proactively apologize if it isn't.


      I want to set up servicemix to handle accepting different msg formats (eg, SOAP and XML) and routing to appropriate endpoint(s).  What's the best way to handle implementing this architecture to handle translation and routing?


      To elaborate, I'll also give an example.  If I have a myriad of services that sends/receives SOAP msgs and sends/receives XML msgs and I want them all to be able to communicate with each other, is the below solution optimal or is there a better solution I should look into:


      First, set up multiple http consumers for servicemix to handle multiple msg formats (eg, http://myservicemix/soapmsg and http://myservicemix/xmlmsg).  Then, using camel routing, implement multiple routings that would interpret the data for each msg format (ie, decide where it needs to go), translate the msg to the appropriate format if the receiving endpoint's expected mag format is different than client's, and then route the msg.  On a synchronous reply, I don't know how to handle translating back to the expected msg format of the client...asynchronous replies should be easier to handle this they can be viewed as requests and routed appropriately using camel. 


      I also have a related question about this scenario and using aggregation but I think that question should go in another forum.