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    bug in CMP Persitency Manager !!!    reserved Word used as p

    ThomasMargreiter Newbie

      hi there !
      we use JBOSS 3.2.3 with DB2 v7.2 and newer

      now we tried to use some other dataBase e.g. MaxDB

      we have an Entitybean with a primarykeyField 'DATABASE'

      (... DATABASE is a reserved word in MaxDB
      we can create the table,insert ,update and delete rows by hand)

      we can create the bean ... but we can't find it with findByPrimaryKey

      i think the persitencyManager creates a wrong sql-statement

      select * from tables where databaseid='some' returns null !!!
      select * from tables as t where t.database='some' returns the right row !!!

      please fix it

      mfg thomas