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    Need advice on which product for a use case




      We are in the process of evaluating the open source platforms for one of our business case.


      We receive a message from a partner, based on the type of message, it should be routed to multiple partners. In some cases the number of consumers of this particular message can run into 1000 or more.


      Ideally, what we envision is, we have a message queue where the inbound message gets dropped by the partner. Clients will be subscribing to the message and receive a copy of the inbound message from the queue.


      The consuming client will receive the message and process the message, persist the message to the database and based on the profile settings will send an email or sms.


      Give this use case, can you suggest which products are suitable. Also appreciate if you can point me to some examples to realize this model as a proof of concept.


      A working example will be ideal.


      Thanks for your help.