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    Calling Legacy EJB from ServiceMix FUSE javax.naming.NotContextException

    Sunny Wear Newbie

      Hi, Please forgive the question if there is already a posted answer; I did search but I cannot seem to find this one.


      I have a legacy EJB deployed and running in JBoss App Server. I am attempting to call the EJB using FUSE 4.1 from a successfully deployed OSGi bundle.


      The EJB client call, itself, works perfectly, outside of FUSE.  Once within my Impl class, however, I see that javax.naming.InitialContext seems to be wrapped around by the org.apache.servicemix OSGI naming classes when I attempt the lookup of the EJB name.  Thus, the lookup then throws the javax.naming.NotContentException.


      I did use the "wrap" command for my client EJB jars within the OSGi container to resolve the bundle constraints.  However, I've not used "bnd" yet.


      Has anyone else already faced this issue regarding the naming package? If using "bnd" is the answer, can you please post a short sample?


      Thank you.