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    SecurityException raised when broker tries to move expired message to DLQ

    Daffy Duck Novice



      I have enabled authentication + authorization in my broker configuration file as follows:





      If I send a message with an expiration time into the queue (using a client configured with the right username and password) and then try to look after the message in the DLQ (after it expired) I got the following exception:


      "Caught an exception sending to DLQ: Message ID:PC198829-1539-1259168148838-0:1:1:1:1 dropped=false locked=false

      java.lang.SecurityException: User is not authenticated."


      This only occurs when the broker has to deal with the DLQ. I can successfully read/write in any queue from either my client or the ActiveMQ Web Console.


      Any idea?


      Oh and I have this issue on both FUSE Message Broker and


      Find attached activemq.log and my configuration (activemq.xml)