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    hibernate-related classes not found on fuse 4.2.0

    Oren Livne Novice

      Dear All,

      We have developed a hibernate uber jar and it works on fuse but not yet on 4.2.0. When it starts, it starts throwing classnotfound exceptions for packages that are exported by existing spring bundles on the bus and are declared in the pom's felix config section (see attached). What should we change to make this work on 4.2.0?


      Thanks so much in advance,



      Here's our bundle list in fuse 4.2.0:



      START LEVEL 100

         ID   State         Blueprint      Spring    Level  Name

      OSGi System Bundle (3.5.0.v20090520)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Admin Management (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: JAAS Modules (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: JAAS Config (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Shell OSGi Commands (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Features Management (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache MINA Core (2.0.0.M6)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Admin Command (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Shell ConfigAdmin Commands (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Management (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Shell SSH (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Mina SSHD :: Core (0.2.0)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Blueprint Deployer (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Gogo Shell Runtime (0.2.0)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Shell PackageAdmin Commands (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Features Core (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Shell Various Commands (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Features Command (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Shell Console (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      org.osgi.impl.bundle.jmx (

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Admin Core (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Shell Log Commands (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Features Deployer (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Karaf :: Spring Deployer (1.2.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix File Install (2.0.4.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Felix Prefrences Service (1.0.2)

      Apache Felix Configuration Admin Service (1.2.4)

      OPS4J Pax Logging - API (1.4)

      OPS4J Pax Logging - Service (1.4)

      OPS4J Pax Url - mvn: (1.1.2)

      OPS4J Pax Url - wrap: (1.1.2)

      Apache Geronimo Blueprint Bundle (1.0.0)

      geronimo-servlet_2.5_spec (1.1.2)

      Apache ServiceMix Specs :: ACTIVATION API 1.4 (1.4.0.psc-01-00M2)

      geronimo-annotation_1.0_spec (1.1.1)

      geronimo-j2ee-connector_1.5_spec (2.0.0)

      geronimo-ws-metadata_2.0_spec (1.1.2)

      geronimo-jms_1.1_spec (1.1.1)

      Apache ServiceMix Specs :: SAAJ API 1.3 (1.4.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache ServiceMix Specs :: JAXB API 2.1 (1.4.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache ServiceMix Specs :: JAXWS API 2.1 (1.4.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: mail-1.4.1 (

      Spring JMS (2.5.6.SEC01)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: asm-2.2.3 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: FastInfoset-1.2.7 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: jaxb-impl-2.1.12 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: jetty-6.1.14 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: neethi-2.0.4 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: saaj-impl-1.3.2 (

      Stax2 API (3.0.1)

      Woodstox XML-processor (4.0.5)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: wsdl4j-1.6.2 (

      XmlSchema (1.4.5)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: xmlresolver-1.2 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: xmlsec-1.4.3 (

      WSS4J (1.5.8)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: xercesImpl-2.9.1 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: bcel-5.2 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: xalan-2.7.1 (

      Apache ServiceMix Specs :: JSR311 API 1.0 (1.4.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: opensaml-1.1 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: xmlbeans-2.4.0 (

      Apache CXF Bundle Jar (2.2.4.psc-01-00)

      OPS4J Pax Web - Jsp Support (0.6.0)

      OPS4J Pax Web - Web Container (0.6.0)

      OPS4J Pax Web Extender - Whiteboard (0.5.0)

      Apache ServiceMix Specs :: STAX API 1.0 (1.4.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Commons Management (1.0)

      camel-core (2.0.0.psc-01-00M2)

      geronimo-jta_1.1_spec (1.1.1)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: aopalliance-1.0 (

      Spring Core (2.5.6.SEC01)

      Spring Beans (2.5.6.SEC01)

      Spring Context (2.5.6.SEC01)

      Spring AOP (2.5.6.SEC01)

      Spring Transaction (2.5.6.SEC01)

      camel-spring (2.0.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache Commons Pool Bundle (1.4)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: commons-codec-1.3 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: jdom-1.1 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: jettison-1.0.1 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: ant-1.7.0 (

      Commons Lang (2.4)

      Commons Collections (3.2.1)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: antlr-3.0.1 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: oro-2.0.8 (

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: velocity-1.6.2 (

      Axiom API (1.2.7)

      Axiom API (1.2.7)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: abdera-0.4.0-incubating (0.4.0.incubating_3)

      geronimo-jaxws_2.1_spec (1.0)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: commons-io-1.3.2 (

      camel-cxf (2.0.0.psc-01-00M2)

      camel-jms (2.0.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: cglib-2.1_3 (

      spring-osgi-io (1.2.0)

      spring-osgi-core (1.2.0)

      spring-osgi-extender (1.2.0)

      spring-osgi-annotation (1.2.0)

      camel-osgi (2.0.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache ServiceMix Transaction (1.1.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Geronimo TxManager :: Connector (2.1.3)

      Jencks (2.2)

      Apache ServiceMix Bundles: josql-1.5 (

      geronimo-j2ee-management_1.1_spec (1.0.1)

      xbean-spring (3.5)

      kahadb (5.3.0.psc-01-00M2)

      activemq-core (5.3.0.psc-01-00M2)

      activemq-ra (5.3.0.psc-01-00M2)

      activemq-console (5.3.0.psc-01-00M2)

      activemq-pool (5.3.0.psc-01-00M2)

      Apache ServiceMix Features :: ActiveMQ Commands (4.2.0.fuse-SNAPSHOT)

      AspectJ Weaver (1.6.6.RELEASE)

      Spring Aspects (2.5.6)

      Apache Commons Logging (1.1.1)

      Apache Log4J (1.2.15)

      XML Object Model (1.1.0)

      ANTLR (2.7.7)

      wrap_mvn_junit_junit_4.7 (0)

      wrap_mvn_org.codehaus.jra_jra_1.0-alpha-4 (0)

      wrap_mvn_xerces_xercesImpl_2.9.1 (0)

      wrap_mvn_com.oracle_ojdbc6_11. (0)

      wrap_mvn_com.oracle_xdb_11. (0)

      wrap_mvn_jcs_jcs_20030822.182132 (0)

      wrap_mvn_commons-math_commons-math_20040218.045431 (0)

      wrap_mvn_net.sourceforge.collections_collections-generic_4.01 (0)

      wrap_mvn_jen_jen_0.30 (0)

      wrap_mvn_commons-httpclient_commons-httpclient_3.1 (0)

      wrap_mvn_cglib_cglib_rc2-1.0 (0)

      wrap_mvn_cglib_cglib-nodep_2.1_3 (0)

      Spring Context Support (2.5.6)

      Spring Transaction (2.5.6)

      Spring XML (1.5.8)

      Spring O/X Mapping (1.5.8)

      Spring ORM (2.5.6)

      Spring JDBC (2.5.6)

      Javassist Java Programming Assistant (3.3.0.ga)

      EHCache (1.6.0)

      Java Persistence API (1.99.0)

      Java Transaction API (1.1.0)

      c3p0 Connection Pool (

      Concurrent (1.3.4)

      JGroups Toolkit (2.2.8)

      Swarm Cache (1.0.0.RC2a)

      Proxool JDBC connection pool - re-packaged CGLib version (0.9.1)

      Proxool JDBC connection pool (0.9.1)

      dom4j DOM Processor (1.6.1)

      Aspectwerkz AOP for Java Core (1.0.0)

      Open Symphony Cache (2.1.0)

      HSQLDB (

      Apache Commons Database Connection Pool (1.2.2.osgi)

      Joda-Time - Java date and time API (0.9.0)

      further-party3-hibernate-osgi-uber (3.3.1.GA)

      wrap_mvn_javax.xml.xquery_xqj-api_1.0 (0)

      further-party3-saxon (9.2.0.no-xpath-transformer)

      wrap_mvn_org.jasypt_jasypt_1.5 (0)

      further-etc-fuse-aop (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)

      further-fuse-hibernate (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)