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    Bundle fragment handling in Fuse ESB 4

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      I have a problem understanding how to work with bundle fragments.  Let's say I have two bundles (my.host and my.fragment).  Now, my.fragment has a manifest entry stating that its host is my.host.  Fair enough.  When I list the bundles in Fuse ESB 4, I have the following output, which is good (the fragment «resolved» state mean that it is attached to its host):


      [ 196] [Resolved   ] [       ] [   60] my.fragment (1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT)
                                             Hosts: 197
      [ 197] [Started    ] [       ] [   60] my.host (1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT)
                                             Fragments: 196


      The problem is when I need to update the fragment.  How do I do it?  If I'm updating it, it changes to «Installed» state, and I can't re-attach it to its host.  Restarting, refreshing the host won't make it.


      The only way I succeeded was when I uninstalled/re-installed the host, and/or rebooting Fuse.


      Besides that, how can I efficiently manipulate a bundle fragment?  Is there something I'm missing?


      Thank you.




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