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    Transforming/Decoding Data en-route

    Lekan Omotayo Expert

      Hi People,


      I have this service engine exposed as a jaxws because I needed to give it an nmr address.


      Below is the SE impl fxn:

      public PaymentResponse notifyPayment(PaymentRequest payload)


                PaymentResponse response = new PaymentResponse();


                LOG.info("Notification received for student " + payload.getStudentNumber());

                LOG.info("Receipt Number: " + payload.getPINReceiptNumber());

                LOG.info("Student Name: " + payload.getStudentName());

                LOG.info("Amount: " + payload.getAmountPaid());

                LOG.info("College Name: " + payload.getCollegeName());

                LOG.info("Bank: " + payload.getBankName());

                LOG.info("Reference Number: " + payload.getPaymentReferenceNumber());




                return response;



      and here is my bean.xml file:



      10:53:08,667 | INFO  | tenerContainer-1 | jmsResponseMessagesLog           | rg.apache.camel.processor.Logger   88 | Exchange[BodyType:String[], Body:[Ljava.lang.String;@fe09a1]


      And whenever I tried to retrieve this message from my JMS response queue i couldnt cast as any of Text, Stream, byte, or Map?


      if (aMessage instanceof javax.jms.TextMessage)


      if (aMessage instanceof javax.jms.StreamMessage)


      if (aMessage instanceof javax.jms.BytesMessage)



      How do I get the OK response returned?