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    no SOAPAction header error while using soap-provider and soap-consumer

    Lyfe Musique Novice

      I forgot to mark my previous post a question.  It's located here.


      The content is below:


      I'm receiving "no SOAPAction header" when I call my webservice.


      The flow is as follows:

      external client --> http:soap-consumer --> routing --> http:soap-producer --> external server


      In the routing, I use the process class to do simple string replacement for once value.


      When I do a proxy, that worked.


      I'm using


      Additional info from soap ui:


      HTTP/1.1 302 FOUND

      Content-Length: 0

      Location: http://myserver/myendpoint

      Server: Jetty (6.1.x)


      However, when I submit directly to service, everything works