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    Fuse ESB 4.1 JBI Deployment Error Opening JBI protocol Artifact

    Glen Whitaker Newbie



      Currently I've been working on familiarizing myself with how to deploy JBI components that were previously valid for Fuse ESB version 3 and deploying these in a Fuse ESB 4.1 running instance. The sample attempting to deploy is a basic file poller similar to the demo samples presented in the online videos and when attempting to deploy into the Fuse instance via Maven, the following error is received:


      install jbi:mvn:com.poller.org/poller-sa/0.0.1-SNAPSHOT/zip

      java.io.IOException: Error opening jbi protocol artifact


      This error is occurring in both Windows and Linux versions of the ESB from a clean install with what I see are the required features to be installed of:


      - jbi

      - nmr

      - servicemix-shared


      Googled the error and the only reference found was the actual code snippet. It appears to be a component or feature not running but looking at running features and documentation, currently not sure on what is missing.


      The JBI component is an SA component containing 2 service units generated using the following archetypes:


      GroupID : org.apache.servicemix.tooling

      Artifact : servicemix-file-sender-service-unit

      Version : 2009.02.0.0-fuse


      GroupID : org.apache.servicemix.tooling

      Artifact : servicemix-file-poller-service-unit

      Version : 2009.02.0.0-fuse


      SA POM contains following:




      The project built successfully using maven clean install prior to making the call to install as a component within a running instance of Fuse ESB.


      Has anyone encountered similar or know what is missing to cause the error:


      java.io.IOException: Error opening jbi protocol artifact


      and failed JBI deployment in a Fuse 4.1 context.




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          Stan Lewis Novice

          Do you get this same problem if you build/deploy the "bridge" example that's shipped with the ESB?  This example is a pure JBI deployment, and should deploy just fine if you start up the ESB and copy bridge-sa/target/target/bridge-sa*.zip to the "deploy" directory.


          From the pom.xml snippet you sent of your SA I think maybe the problem is that you've set up your project so that the SA is the parent project and your two SUs are sub-projects, normally when working with the servicemix JBI plugin I've only seen/created projects with a parent project that contains the SUs and the SA as well, much like how the "bridge" example is set up.


          Hope that helps!

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            Glen Whitaker Newbie

            The problem using the designated command still fails with the sample. However, the straight dropping into the deployment directory works. For the time being the dropping directly into the deployment directory will satisfy the requirements.


            Thanks for the assistance.