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    Apache Camel 2.x and FUSE Servicemix 3.x/4

    Igor Artamonov Newbie

      I'm trying to run Camel 2.1 SU with Servicemix. As i understand there are no way to run Camel 2 with Servicemix 3, and i'm try to run it with FUSE Servicemix


      When i starting my project with maven: mvn jbi:servicemix i receive following error:


      unexpected element (uri:"http://camel.apache.org/schema/spring", local:"camelContext"). Expected elements are <aggregator>


      That means that my camel-context.xml was parsed by Camel 1.x


      Is there any way to use my, provided with SA/SU, version of Camel? Yes, i know that I can download Servicemix, remove existing Camel 1.x, and place there my version, but I don't want that hacks I need to run this using mvn jbi:servicemix command only


      You can view all sources (poms, etc) of this project at http://github.com/splix/smx-currency-rates/tree/skeleton