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    message tracking and monitoring

    yong fu Newbie

      I am new to Camel.  Got a few new comer questions:


      1) Is there a tool to monitor and track the message being routed in a given route?


      part of the reason is administration since I want to know how many messages are being passed through, how many are waiting;


      part of the reason is trouble shooting since I want to know for a given instance of routing what is the current status and all its past status;


      2) Is there a way to suspend/stop/resume a message routing through external administration tool?


      Since the routing engine is internal, there should be a way to do it, right?


      3) Any redundancy and failover support?


      For example can this routing engine process message across multiple nodes? what happen if one node failed during the message routing?


      thanks in advance for your answer!