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    Simple SE that uses an external library (using OSGi)

    Ignatius Reilly Newbie

      I'm trying to create a proof of concept using the ESB v4 that simply takes a message posted to HTTP and persists some data.


      I've got all the FUSE stuff working fine, whereas the message is traveling from the endpoint to the SE's pojo.


      What I'm having trouble wrapping my head around is how to implement more advanced functionality in the pojo, in particular, using Hibernate to persist data.  The whole OSGi thing is throwing me for a loop. 


      Actually, my confusion doesn't necessarily lie with Hibernate, but with any external dependency that I want to use.  In particular, how do I deploy the SE bundle with the external dependencies?  Do I have to OSGi-enable every library and then manually install each one in the container? 


      I realize there are already many common libraries that have already been bundled for OSGi but do I still have to download each one and install manually?


      How do I integrate this in my development environment?  I'm using maven (and eclipse).  I've found repositories with the common bundles (notably, springsource) and I've added necessary bundles as dependencies, but I'm not sure what that does for me over regular jars.  Is there a way to automate this whole thing using maven?  I guess I'm having trouble seeing the big picture.


      I'm sure these questions have been answered before and this may not be the right forum (my apologies).  But, I figured there were probably people who have dealt with these issues and could point me in the right directory.  Perhaps I need to read an OSGi tutorial?


      Thanks much,