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    ActiveMQ web console don't work on Fuse ESB

    el abbassi abdeslam Newbie

      How do I set up everything to use the ActiveMQ Web Console via http://localhost:8080/activemqweb ? By default it doesn't work.


      i have installed all web Pax bundle :


      install -s file:///D:/rsi/pax2/ok/pax-web-bundle-0.7.0-20090527.070519-1.jar

      install -s file:///D:/rsi/pax2/ok/pax-web-ex-war-0.7.0-20090527.070519-1.jar

      install -s file:///D:/rsi/pax2/ok/pax-web-ex-whiteboard-0.7.0-20090527.070519-1.jar

      install -s file:///D:/rsi/pax2/ok/pax-web-jsp-0.7.2-20091007.123505-1.jar


      and the console :


      install war:file:///D:/rsi/pax2/activemq-web-console-


      after restarted all bundles...


      http://localhost:8080/activemqweb  don't work


      Have you an idea where is the problem ?


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