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    Servicemix using cxf-bc, memory growth and slow performance over long time

    Lowry Curry Newbie

      FUSE ESB

      Fairly simple flow. Consists of CXF-BC consumer and CXF-BC provider. Plan is to introduce transformation, etc, but nothing there yet. So flow is CXF-BC(consumer) --> CXF-BC (provider). Its a two-way request, with static (named) response queue.

      FUSE ESB run over 1 week running steady load of messages (200,000/day), process gradually increases memory consumption, and increased response time.

      Process goes from 200 MB heap space to 950 MB heap space.

      Performance through ESB goes from 300 ms to 3 sec (round trip response time for synch JMS request.)


      Maybe a bug in the cxf JMS component shipping with this version of SMX thats causing this?