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    Installation Problems

    Oliver Baum Newbie

      Hi, I'm new in working with ESBs and have to evaluate a few products. At the moment I'm evaluate the FUSE ESB. But I have problems at the beginning.

      I intstall the FUSE ESB with the document "http://fuseesb.fusesource.org/docs/4.1/runtime/index.html" and then I start the ESB, make a new instance and then I will connect to it, I get follow error: "

      smx@root:admin> list

        Port   State       Pid  Name


      smx@root:admin> start carla

      smx@root:admin> connect carla -u smx -p smx

      Connecting to: localhost:8102

      ERROR CommandLineExecutionFailed: org.apache.geronimo.gshell.command.CommandExce

      ption: org.apache.geronimo.gshell.commandline.CommandLineExecutionFailed: org.ap

      ache.geronimo.gshell.command.CommandException: org.apache.sshd.common.RuntimeSsh

      Exception: Failed to get the session.



      What is wrong?



      And: Can somebody tell me, where I can download the " Logisticx FUSE Demo files", I can't find it on the download page.



      Thanks for help

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          Daan van Santen Newbie



          This is an issue in fuse-esb- and will be fixed in our next release.

          The details can be found at: http://fusesource.com/issues/browse/ESB-812;jsessionid=32A417EFE6B99ABB84F381863967C6CC?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Achangehistory-tabpanel


          I just tested in our current release candidate for our february release and it is fixed there.


          Regarding the logisticx demo: this is considered an outdated example and is not shipped with the newer servicemix versions anymore. Is there anything in particular that you would like to see as an example?


          Kind regards,


          Daan van Santen

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            Oliver Baum Newbie

            Hi Daan von Santen,


            thanks for the informations.

            What we want to do in the evaluation, we want to run an example application and at step two, we want to call on of our webservices over the ESB.


            Do you have an eclipse integration for developing with the FUSE ESB?


            Kind regards

            Oliver Baum

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              Daan van Santen Newbie

              Hi Oliver,


              In preparations of our call of this friday let me answer your question below.

              A lot of the developers that implement solutions based on FUSE Open Source technology use the Eclipse IDE.


              In Eclipse we also use a number of plugins to make our life as developers easier:

              - m2eclipse to interact with Maven, the build and lifecycle component

              - subsclipe to interact with Subversion

              - etc..


              Unfortunately there is not really a set of graphically enriched plugins that allows for the development on a more wizard driven way. On the contrary, the development is not that much code driven as you can achieve a lot with spring xml configuration as well.


              I attached a zip file with a project that both includes a web service and a web service client. Both are implemented on Camel and packaged so that they can be deployed as an OSGi bundle to FUSE ESB / ServiceMix.


              Kind regards,


              Daan van Santen