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    AMQ NullPointerException when deploying SA to ESB 4.1

    Ben O'Day Newbie

      I just downloaded ESB-4.1.0-psc-01-00RC1 and tried to deploy my SMX 3.3.1/Camel 2.1 service assembly (was told it would work out of the box). 


      No luck, I get the following stacktrace.  It seems like the activemq broker is running on "tcp://localhost:61616" (viewed via JMX) which is what I'm referencing in my code.


      I also tried explicitly starting a broker using "activemq:create-broker", but I get the same error regardless.  If I type "activemq:list" I get "null"...this is likely related...


      Also, I thought maybe the difference was that my code was using AMQ 5.2 vs. 5.3...I tried with both, same error...



      at java.net.URI$Parser.parse(URI.java:3003)

      at java.net.URI.(ActiveMQConnectionFactory.java:128)


      thanks in advance