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    Content-Length header not being set on CXF endpoint?

    Dan Salt Newbie

      Hi All,


      I'm using CXF Bundle in Fuse (CXF


      I'm testing a CXF Web Service deployed via a Camel CXF component. I'm testing it via a SOAP-UI Client, in preparation for accessing it via a .NET Client.


      When the SOAPUI is configured normally, it sets the "Content-Length" header.


      The response returned is truncated. The Content-Length value is set to exactly the same as the request (or it's just being returned as-is). Since the response is longer than the request - this explains the truncation.


      The response body is not even 1K, so I'm pretty sure that chunking is not being used.


      However, when I force SOAPUI to explicitly "chunk" the request (and hence set the Transfer-Encoding header), the response IS received in it's entirety: the Content-Length response header is set correctly. The "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" header is NOT set on the response.


      Can anyone explain what's going on here?


      Many Thanks,