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    cluster with farm deployment of JBoss 5.1GA and full vfs-nes

    Georges Goebel Newbie


      I upgraded our jboss cluster to 5.1 GA and the farm deployment option is really great.

      But, I had already 5 times a full partition because of the JBOSS_HOME/server/all/tmp/vfs-nested.tmp folder. This is really annoying our production, I found other people with rhe same problem but not in 5.1GA. So I ask if it has to do something with the farm deployment in the cluster ? Every +- 30min the jar files inside the deployed war and ear are extracted to the vfs folder, but the old ones aer never deleted ! I have files there from 5 days ago.

      Is it possible to disable the jar file extraction ? It is a production system and the deployed ear and war files are not redeployed during runtime.

      Any help ?