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    Giuseppe Carbone Newbie

      Hi to all developers.

      I have the following problem.

      I have created a new FUSE ESB(4.1.02) server on Eclipse.

      I have setting cxf properties with folder of FUSE SERVICE FRAMEWORK(

      I have created a dynamic project and created a Web Service(how is suggested in chapter 10 of FUSE INTEGRATION DESIGNER User Guide) from a Pojo class and then deployed this web service on FUSE ESB.

      All ok, if I enter ther url http://localhost:8192/Path to web service I can see the wsdl for the service just created and I can use client create for to do some tests.

      The problem is that if then I try to change the web service for example adding simple line of codes(System.out... for example) to the single method of the web service, it is no more corrected deployed on FUSE ESB and on 8192 no services are recognized.

      My web service is disappeared and isn't possible to call it just I modify web service it go down from FUSE ESB.

      Thanks in advance.