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    [property-placeholder] Using multiple configuration files

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      Dear comnunity,


      I would like to use multiple configuration files for a bundle,

      One configuration file for the global settings (broker url, company name, ...) and another specific to the bundle (from queue, destination queue, ... )


      Currentlly I've something like :


      <ctx:property-placeholder properties-ref="com.awl.si.service.alarmingFormatData.cfg.with.defaults" />



      <prop key="brokerUrl">tcp://</prop>

      <prop key="fromUri">jms:queue:com.awl.oscar.queue.in</prop>



      But it's not really what we want ... for example if we want to reuse global settings for another bundle we have to copy/paste the properties in another configuration file.


      How can I split this in two parts (and is it possible) ? like :


      <osgix:cm-properties id="com.awl.si.service.GLOBAL.cfg.with.defaults" persistent-id="com.awl.si.service.GLOBAL"> <prop key="brokerUrl">tcp://</prop> </osgix:cm-properties>




      <osgix:cm-properties id="com.awl.si.service.alarmingFormatData.cfg.with.defaults" persistent-id="com.awl.si.service.alarmingFormatData"> <prop key="fromUri">jms:queue:com.awl.oscar.queue.in</prop> </osgix:cm-properties>

      With krgs,



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