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    apache-servicemix-4.1.0-psc-01-00RC1 & Spring DM & Camel.

    Peter Chandler Master

      Is Spring DM started by default in apache-servicemix-4.1.0-psc-01-00RC1? Or do I need to install additional features/bundles? I do not see any bundle named "spring-dm" active?


      Such as in (reference : http://camel.apache.org/tutorial-osgi-camel-part1.html):

      1. Add camel feature file
      karaf@root> features:addUrl mvn:org.apache.camel.karaf/features/2.0.0/xml/features
      This new feature file contains the list of camel bundles to be installed. This will avoid that you install each required bundle (= jar) separately though the command osgi:install
      2. Install bundles using feature command
      karaf@root> features:install spring
      karaf@root> features:install spring-dm
      karaf@root> features:install camel-core
      karaf@root> features:install camel-spring
      karaf@root> features:install camel-osgi