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    Multiple sslContexts in 1 broker?

    Aaron Riekenberg Newbie

      Is it possible to configure more than 1 sslContext for a single broker?  One can imagine having different sslContexts with different key stores/trust stores, then somehow binding different ssl transportConnectors (or networkConnectors) to different contexts.


      I think the answer is currently no, since the  schema defines the sslContext element with maxOccurs="1".  Also there doesn't seem to be any concept of an identifier in an sslContext that could be used to select one in an ssl transport definition.

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          garytully Novice

          Correct, at the moment, it is configured once at the broker level. The broker needs a context to use for outbound communications, networks and the like and it uses the same sslContext for listeners. Multiple brokers in the same JVM can have different sslContexts.

          But yes, it does make sense to have a context per transport connector or network connector so that difference endpoints could use different credentials and QOS. Can you raise an enhancement request for that?