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    One Way Web Services?

    Lars Rödiger Newbie



      I want to develop an asynchronous Web Service within Fuse ESB ( Therefore I created a simple WSDL-file. The Web Service has one operation that has no response message defined. The Service itself only prints a message on the console and invokes another Web Service (later this will be the Callback) with a static request. I employed CXF to implement the Web Service.  When calling the Web Service from soapUI or an Axis2 Client everthing works out. But when I call the Web Service from a BPEL process (the engine itself employs Axis2) I get the following error.


      java.lang.NullPointerException at  




      Please have a look at the attached Eclipse project and the log file. I would be grateful for any hint to a solution.


      Thank you.