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    To FUSE or not To FUSE

    garyc Newbie

      I have been evaluating FUSE as an ESB solution for web services that already exist. I seem to notice a lot of overheard in creating POJO wrappers and other methods to simply call a pre-existing web service.


      I have a collection of RESTful (and some SOAP) webservices for product catalogs, carts, etc. all written in a NON-JAVA language. I am looking at an ESB solution to control routing, logging, and some rules authentication. a bonus would be failover and clustering for the solution.


      It seems to be (IMHO)  that I could use the Camel routes(ActiveMQ?) to do all of the work of routing without creating an instance of SMX.


      I have been trying to create a proof of concept based on implementing these via SMX. As I learn more about SMX and other ESB's that seems to be overkill for what I am trying to do.


      I just want to be sure I am on the correct path. If there is anyone who has some experience in this area I would greatly appreciate some feedback.


      Thank you for the assistance in advance.


      Gary C.

      Sr. Software Engineer & Jr. Architect