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    How modify FUSE ESB4 jbi components.

    Giuseppe Carbone Newbie

      Hi developers.

      This is my question.

      I have changed the behavior of some jbi components of FUSE ESB 3.

      With FUSE ESB 3 this goal is simple.

      In FUSE ESB 3 in directory hotdeploy I saw a zip file containing the .class files of the jbi component as servicemix-file.

      I had the source code, modified it, and than changed the old .class with newer.

      I have re-zipped all .class files and than re-deployed the jbi component inserting it in folder hotdeploy.

      It works well with FUSE ESB 3.

      Now I need to do the same thing but with FUSE ESB 4.

      But in FUSE ESB 4 there is folder deploy and not hotdeploy and there isn't the servicemix-cxf-file jbi component in it(or the others jbi components) .

      I have tried changed .class files for servicemix-file.jar located in folder

      fuse-esb- but it not works.

      So, where are located the jbi components as servicemix-file in FUSE ESB4?.

      What are the .class files that I need to change and where are located?.