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    CXF-Provider Causes SA to Remain in Shutdown State for Bad URLS

    Gary Motts Novice

      I have defined a CXF provider within an Xbean.xml that is dependent upon servicemix-cxf-bc.  The provider works great when a valid wsdl and locationURI parameters are provided.  I can send requests from Camel to my web service.  However, if an invalid wsdl and locationURI is provided during startup (configuration) then the whole service assembly will not startup and remains in shutdown state after Fuse SM is running.  The errors I receive during startup are:


      1) Unable to initialize state for service assembly

      2) java.net.UnknownHostException

      3) javax.jbi.management.DeploymentException: Failed to update Service Assembly


      I'm running Fuse SM  Any suggestions for a work around are appreciated.