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    Help - Consulting opportunity


      Specifically, we need someone to interface with our SW Development team, which is developing a real time application with Web Services and JMS for publishing of data.  They are struggling to understand how to best configure the product to perform the application functions (e.g., OSGI, Spring Framework) Focus is on ESB, Message Broker, Services Framework, Mediation Router.


      ?Areas we are having problem are with primary/standby configuration of the OSGI bundles/features and automatic detection of FUSE middleware related failures.  We know that we could use FUSE HQ to monitor the various failure modes of the FUSE components but we cannot use it  because FUSE HQ is not supported on AIX (our operating system).  An ideal candidate would be familiar with using JMX to monitor the FUSE products listed above.?


      If you can help and are available for this assignment in the DC area, please contact me so that I can introduce you to the client.  My name is Criss Brient.  I am a Recruiter for ALTA IT Services.  My number is 301 740 2119 or my cell is 301 922 5255.  My email address is cbrient@altaits.com.