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    When is BPEL appropriate?

    Alexandros Karypidis Novice



      I've just "discovered" ODE and I'm pondering the merits of using BPEL for orchestrating calls.


      My current understanding is that BPEL's goal is to provide a means of exporting a "packaged" web-service that resolves to a series of web service calls based on some control logic.


      Now, I understand that this is useful if the "package" contains decision-making logic with a few alternative flows that consult business rules and such. However, for simple use cases, it seems an overkill.


      For example, in my environment we have a very simple 2-step process that is being carried out (i.e. two web services are called in a specific order). There's no complex rules to apply, no alternative flows to consider, nothing. It's just "step1: class WS-x, upon success step 2: call WS-y, otherwise return immediately".


      Now, converting this process to a BPEL package and having the application call that, seems to me like throwing away good performance just to be able to use SOA buzz-words in a design (i.e. wear an "I can BPEL" badge on one's chest).


      Is ODE really inappropriate for such use-cases or am I just being to technology-phobic?