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    Uploadfile using JAX-RS

    Antonio Marin Cerezuela Newbie



      I'm tring to build a REST service with a POST resource to upload file. It's meant to be used to upload ODE SAs to FUSE ESB.

      AFAIK, the FUSE implementation of CXF doesn't support the full set of annotations for JAX-RS like @Multipart so I can't play this way.


      I have tried to use a String to receive the binary data but there appear to be some missing characters that make the file to differ from the original when it's binary.


      Does anyone know some way to do a fileupload resource using FUSE SF?


      Other thing, is how to access to a multipart property.

      For example, using a form to send a file:



      I can get this file like



      public Response uploadFile(@FormParam("fileup0") String file0)


      But i want to acces to the Multipart property "filename=..."


      Thanks for any help.